Car Stuck? Here’s How to Get Car out of Mud

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SUV got stuck in the mud

Roads, fields, and temporary parking lots can become wetlands due to rain and severe weather and quickly get your car stuck. Also, driving on them, you risk getting stuck in the mud. You don’t want to need a tow truck, but if you do, we are here for you.

Having to get your automobile out of the mud might be difficult. A few tricks and tips might simplify the process. In certain cases, you may be stuck because you’re off the usual path or on a trail, and a tow truck can’t help. Therefore, we’ll talk about useful strategies that might come in handy if you ever find yourself in this situation.

Assess the situation

Avoid panicking and attempting to run away quickly. Instead, keep your cool, get out of the car to assess the situation, and then plan your escape from the mud. Additionally, if you have passengers in your car, they should all exit to lighten the load and prevent the vehicle from slipping deeper into the mud.

Determine the gravity of the problem after you’re out of the automobile. For example, determine whether it is only one or more wheels and how deeply buried they are in the mud. That will inform you of the issue’s complexity and help you choose an approach.

Rocking method

If you find your car stuck, you can try to move your automobile back and forth to build momentum if you are not completely stuck.

For automatic transmissions, make sure you are in the lowest gear; for manual transmissions, make sure you are in the second or third gear. After that, start by moving slightly ahead before putting your car in reverse and moving gently backward. Be careful not to leave the wheels spinning. Continue doing this continually until, ideally, you feel your automobile picking up speed to escape the mud. Keep at it or you’ll need to call a tow truck.

Set traction control mode

Traction control is a common feature of alternative models. When driving in challenging conditions, we can automatically activate this feature. Otherwise, push the button to turn it on. This icon can be found in the table panel. For further information, consult the owner’s handbook of your car.

If the car becomes stuck in the mud, the traction control system can make it challenging to free the vehicle. Therefore, turn off this function and only enable it once the car is ready to move.

Switch to part-time four-wheel drive

Check the button or lever on the table board. A variety of labels, including 2H, will be visible. Change this lever or button to 4H or 4L when you want additional traction. All four of the vehicle’s wheels will help turn when 4H is selected.

Choose 4L, nevertheless, if the road is in poor shape. The tires will travel more slowly but with higher traction thanks to this setting. However, due to the usage of four tires, all vehicles with full-time four-wheel drive will not have the 2H.

Some part-time four-wheel-drive systems might develop problems if left inactive for a long time. Therefore, when the road is only a little bit muddy, use this method every two months.

Put little pressure on the brake and accelerator.

Go as far as you can at a reasonable speed. If you must use the accelerator, do it gradually to prevent the wheel from spinning. Additionally, take caution since the automobile can skid if you apply the brakes too firmly. Skid off the road and you’ll definitely need a tow truck.

Drop tire pressure

Even if it occasionally works, you should only use this approach as a last option. However, you should only try this if you have access to a tire pump or compressor. Otherwise, it can result in a flat tire, another problem.

You can increase the tire’s surface area by reducing the pressure on your tires. Doing so will increase the tire’s surface area in the mud, providing the traction you need to escape a rut. Ensure you inflate them to the correct pressure once you’ve successfully saved your car.

Ensure your gearbox is set to the lowest for automatic and the highest for manual transmissions when ready to move. After that, slowly refuel the vehicle. If this doesn’t work initially, don’t give up in frustration. Before giving up, give it one or two more tries.

Inspect your vehicle when you come up from the mud 

It’s wise to constantly look to see whether getting out of a jam has caused damage. Before entering a highway, keep in mind to start slowly to remove any residual mud from your tires. This will prevent the mud from flying off your car and damaging other vehicles. The most crucial thing is to remember to be nice and clean as soon as possible.

‘Car Stuck’ Tips for the future

You have a good possibility of running into muddy, wet situations if you frequently drive off the road or to outdoor concerts, country shows, or festivals. Here are three important suggestions to remember before and after driving in mud.

Put mudguards on. They shield your vehicle from mud and other debris that your tires can kick up as you drive. In addition, they shield your car’s sides and bottom from dents and rust.

Lower your gear. Use second or third gear in a manual car to keep your speed steady and safely navigate a slick or muddy area.

Avoid abrupt acceleration or braking. Tires lose traction or skid if you rapidly use the brakes. Therefore, be careful to brake or accelerate gradually whenever necessary.

However, if you’re stuck in a sticky situation, Goodreau’s Towing Service provides the best tow recovery and other towing services in Mobile, Alabama. If your vehicle becomes stuck, please contact us and we will gladly assist you. Call us and we’ll send a tow truck straight away!